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I have studied voice with teachers at Juilliard School and others in New York City. By comparison, however, I found the Bergfords to be the most helpful. Roger and Karen are unique voice teachers, and their partnership method brings out the very best in their students. They are outstanding with young people as well as with older folks. They have given my voice renewed strength, depth, and color.

-- Jean Stevenson
(Professional Name: Jean Vail)
Formerly of New York City
(Sang leading roles in nearly a dozen major

French and Italian operas in New York City)

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Sound & Language Voice Studio

335 Mesquite Dr, Branson, MO


Learn more about us, how we approach the singing process, and what enables us to help our students achieve outstanding results!

Singing Sample:

  • Train for your own enjoyment? 
  • Improve/"Fix" intonation/pitch problems?
  • Improve your basic vocal mechanics/ technique so you feel more comfort-able joining a singing group?
  • Extend your singing range?
  • Train to become a soloist?
  • Prepare for an audition, recital, or to sing a particular solo?
  • Improve your musicianship?​

What Sets Us Apart

​​​Who We Are

Click below for a sample from one of our voice students whom we've had since she was 8 years old.  Faith was 14 at the time of this lesson.

We can help you learn to sing with a straight forward, easy-to-understand, “no nonsense” method that brings immediate RESULTS that anyone in the room can hear!

The Singer's Impact

We believe that the singer should consider himself/herself like a “courier” -- always focused on delivering the message of every song by being technically “solid”/secure and artistically expressive.  These are the tools of a singer’s “impact” and therefore our tools in the quest to lift the listener to an “uncommon” listening experience.​