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“It is not what you say or hope or wish or intend, but only what you do that counts.

Your choices tell you unerringly who you really are!”

-- Brian Tracy

“We’re not all designed to be straight A students, celebrities, world-class athletes or the CEO of a major corporation.   But we are designed to make the most of the skills and abilities we do possess.  Perhaps the most splendid achievement of all is the continuing quest to surpass ourselves.”

-- Denis Waitley


“The price of excellence is nowhere near the cost of mediocrity!”

-- Anonymous

“Be a yardstick of quality.  Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”

-- Steve Jobs


“The race for quality has no finish line.”

-- Harvey B. Mackay


“My solo performance featured no special effects, no music—just me purely as a dancer.  It gave me the most wonderful feeling, as if the dance were dancing me.” In singing, it would perhaps compare to the freedom a singer experiences when his vocal technique is so “solid” and effective that it has become “automatic.”

-- Michael Flatley, (World-renown Irish dancer) describing a powerfully artistic moment in his “Feet of Flames” production


“Art has the innate ability to transcend the intentions of its makers.”

-- (Quote heard on TV - 7/14/06)

“Change is inevitable.  Growth is optional.”

-- John C. Maxwell

“Satisfaction lies not in the victory but in the effort.  Full effort is full victory.”

-- Mahatma Gandhi

“What matters isn’t the will to win. What really matters is the will to prepare to win!”

-- Paul “Bear” Bryant, former Alabama football coach:


“Our belief at the beginning of a doubtful undertaking is the one thing that ensures the successful outcome of our venture.”

-- William James


“No journey ever succeeded without first a belief.”

-- Anonymous


“You will find true success in those efforts that captivate your heart and soul.  Belief fuels passion, and passion rarely fails.”

-- Harvey B. Mackay